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When we discuss your sewers and drains, it’s easy to confuse their functions, let alone keep their jobs straight in your mind. While they are both responsible for removing wastewater from your home, they also connect your home to the public sewer system. It’s important to take care of your drains and sewer lines because when they are clean and reliable, they keep your home waste removal system hygienic and safe.

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Cleaning blackwater floods from your home is a biohazard level job, and blackwater removal requires professional assistance. That’s what we’re here for! A drainpipe functions to take water away from your plumbing fixtures. Drainpipes remove anything from moderately clean water to filthy wastewater. The level of contaminants in the water determines whether water is clean or dirty. Sewer cleaning services are required when the fluids and materials that go down your drain leave behind residue, grim, and dirt byproducts.

Signs You May Need Sewer Cleaning

Sewers are the piping system underneath your property that carries sewage to the treatment plants and disposal systems. Your drains and sewer pipes can become dirty, damaged, and worn over time. Once the wear and tear to your pipes becomes significant, your sewer lines will begin to show signs of distress which may indicate a need for sewer cleaning or sewer line repair.

A few signs indicating your sewer pipes need cleaning:

  • There are slow drains throughout your home. One slow drain is a problem with a single clogged drainpipe requiring cleaning, but slow drainage throughout a home that impacts all the plumbing fixtures means there is likely an obstruction in your sewer line.
  • There are foul odors coming from your drain. Smells coming from the drain are not always a sign of sewer line malfunction. A dried-out p-trap can cause a lingering foul odor, but pouring water down the drain can usually eliminate these odors. If the odors remain, then your sewer line is the problem and not the p-trap. When your sewer is the cause of the smell, it is often accompanied by gurgling sounds.
  • There is water backing up into your plumbing fixtures. If you notice water is backing up throughout your home in atypical ways, your sewer lines could need cleaning. When there are blockages in sewer lines, you may see water come up through the shower or tub when you flush the toilet. This is a sign that your sewer line needs to be cleaned immediately.

Knowledgeable Specialists Serving Las Vegas and Beyond

If you are experiencing any of these signs with your plumbing fixtures, then you should contact the technicians at Pentagon Plumbing, Inc. in Las Vegas. It’s not uncommon to need sewer cleaning occasionally. Fat, grease, hair, or even small foreign objects find their way into plumbing systems. When these materials accumulate in your piping, they impede the free flow of water. When you contact our plumbers for sewer cleaning, we can help restore your system.

Types of sewer cleaning methods we use to fix plumbing problems include:

  • Chemical Sewer Cleaning – Chemicals can be used to clean drains that have significant blockages. The chemicals help break up the greasy residue, curb root growth, eliminate odor, and exterminate critters.
  • Mechanical Sewer Cleaning – Plumbers can employ drain augers or plumbing rodders to free your drain of debris. These tools are used to pull, push, or scrape debris from the insides of pipes.
  • Hydraulic Sewer Cleaning – High-powered water is used to push blockages out of the sewer line into the primary sewage system. These blockages can include anything from tree roots to sediment and dirt that has gotten into the sewage pipes from cracks or holes due to wear and tear.

Our plumbers are available to help you find the source of your sewage blockages and clean the system so you can get back to enjoying your home. Don’t wait until the blockages back up into your home and ruin your property with flooding waters and contamination.

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