Water Heater Maintenance

Water Heater Maintenance

Proactive Water Heater Services

Water heater malfunctions are the most common reason for emergency water damages and repairs. Appliances, like water heaters, require routine maintenance to ensure they operate efficiently. Maintenance services allow technicians to inspect your water heater and make recommendations on repairs or replacements.

Extend the Life of Your Water Heater

water heater maintenance extends the life of your water heater

Performing an annual maintenance on your water heater will allow for you to extend the life of your water heater by years. Data has shown that performing maintenance regularly can take a water heater's lifespan from 7-10 years to up to 15 years depending on the type of water heater you operate. In many instances a routine water heater maintenance schedule could provide a 50 percent longer lifespan.

Other Ways to Prolong Your Water Heater's Life

prolong water heater lifespan

In addition to servicing your water heater there are additional ways to increase your water heater's lifespan. These may include adding supplemental equipment and providing technical services that allow your water heater to work more efficiently. For example, adding an expansion tank accommodates the expansion of heated water, maintaining safe pressure levels.

Some of the more common activities performed to increase your water heater's lifespanĀ are to install a water softener and insulate the pipes and heater. You may also inspect the gas lines and the anode rod. When not in use activating a water heater's "vacation mode" may also allow for you to add time to your water heater.

What Does A Water Heater Maintenance Service Include?

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A water heater maintenance service includes the activities necessary to clean out and prevent malfunction of your water heater. First, your technician will perform an inspection of your water heater including the anode rod which occasionally needs to be replaced due to corrosion. Any necessary repairs to the gas lines and valves may be performed. Finally, the tank will be drained and any sediment resting on the bottom will be rinsed out before it is refilled. After your service is completed your hot water will run free and clear.