Water Expansion Tanks Explained

Water Expansion Tanks Explained

Why Installing An Expansion Tank Is Beneficial For Your Water Heater

Water heater expansion tanks explained: why they are beneficial for your Las Vegas water heater

Water heater maintenance increases the lifespan of your tank. One way to increase that lifespan is to install an expansion tank, also known as a pressure expansion tank. A crucial component in the closed-loop water heating system installed in the homes and commercial hot water systems or hydronic heating systems installed in businesses around the Las Vegas valley.

The primary purpose of an expansion tank is to help maintain safe and efficient operations. It does this by accommodating water during the expansion and contraction of water as it heats and cools within the system. The tank assists the water heater in a variety of ways. Some of those reasons are:

Accommodating Thermal Expansion:

When water is heated, it expands. In a closed-loop system like a water heater or hydronic heating system, this expansion can lead to increased pressure. Without an expansion tank, this increased pressure could potentially damage the plumbing system or other components. The expansion tank provides a space for the water to expand into, reducing pressure buildup.

Maintaining Safe Pressure Levels:

Water heater expansion tanks help to maintain safe pressure levels

The expansion tank contains two separate chambers: one filled with air (or another suitable gas), and the other with water. The air chamber is separated from the water by a diaphragm or bladder. As water expands when heated, it enters the expansion tank and compresses the air inside. This compression of air allows the system to maintain a relatively stable and safe pressure level.

Preventing Water Hammer:

Expansion tanks also help to reduce water hammer, which is the sudden and damaging surge of pressure that can occur when water flow is suddenly stopped or redirected (e.g., when a faucet is turned off). The compressed air in the expansion tank absorbs the force of the water's momentum, preventing pressure spikes and potential damage to pipes and fixtures.

Extending Equipment Lifespan:

By reducing the stress on the plumbing system and water heating equipment, expansion tanks can help extend the lifespan of these components. This can lead to cost savings over time by reducing the frequency of repairs and replacements.

Maintaining Efficiency:

Maintain efficiency with water heater expansion tanks by Pentagon Plumbing in Las Vegas

Water heaters and hydronic heating systems work more efficiently when they operate within a specified pressure range. An expansion tank helps maintain this range by absorbing excess pressure, ensuring that the system operates at its designed efficiency.

In summary, a water tank expansion tank serves a critical role in closed-loop water systems by accommodating the expansion of heated water, maintaining safe pressure levels, preventing water hammering, and ultimately contributing to the efficient and safe operation of the system. It is an essential component in many water heating and hydronic heating systems to protect against potential damage and maintain system performance.